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Inc.'ed Online is currently experiencing an outage.  The host server has put into place new rules that prevent the comic database manager from letting me update or otherwise edit the database.  This means that the outage could be awhile as there are no easy solutions for me to take and not enough time to utilize any of them at the moment.  I have created a new DeviantArt account where you can see sketches and one of the comics I've worked on since the hiatus began.  Odds are you will see more sketches and other non story related art there as I am taking the opportunity to buff up on my art and design skills.  You can track my progress and leave comments there if you like  I thank all of you who made this last October the most visted month this site has seen since its launch and I hope you will all bear with me as this one man show attempts to plug all the leaks.

Meg practices the theatrical arts while I practice the art of figure drawing.  Appropriate, I think.

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